Live at Centennial Yards

Atlanta’s newest neighborhood.

a place to call home

Centennial Yards will be one of Atlanta’s best-connected neighborhoods — adjoining Castleberry Hill, Fairlie-Poplar and Sweet Auburn. Minutes from anywhere in the Metro area via bike, MARTA or highway.

A mix of residences for creative professionals, students and empty-nesters. With always-on shopping, eating and of course the wide range of entertainment on offer Downtown.

For residents and visitors alike, Centennial Yards will be an inclusive and welcoming neighborhood — one that’s clean, safe and secure.

centennial yards south


New loft-style apartments in historic converted railroad buildings from the early 1900’s.

Live in Castleberry Hill — a bustling center of Atlanta’s creative life.

Retail and services on site with new pedestrian thoroughfare, plazas and outdoor dining.

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live the downtown lifestyle

As Centennial Yards grows over the coming years, more and more residential opportunities will become available.

We’re building a real neighborhood here, with all the activities and essential services people need to make a home.

Whether it’s a loft above a tree-lined street or a terraced apartment overlooking Downtown nightlife — Centennial Yards will offer a variety of ways to live Atlanta’s unique city lifestyle.